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From Mary Whitehouse to 007...

By burgesswebsites, Oct 13 2015 09:07AM

Things are busy right now. I've just been given my 11th commission by BBC Radio 4. It's for a play that will require research on the Aldwych Farces, 1960s BBC TV sitcoms and that formidable crusader of morals, Mary Whitehouse. Should be fun!

In early November my play about Ian Fleming is being performed in Brighton. So why not go and see SPECTRE and then discover how Bond was created in 'The Man with the Golden Pen'?

Finally, work continues on 'Somewhere in England' (The Bedford Play). I've completed a 2nd draft and also helped film some spectacular drone footage of the town.

Thanks for reading and I'll update you next month!


October 2015

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