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RIP Arnold Wesker...and R4 update

By burgesswebsites, Apr 16 2016 05:37PM

Arnold Wesker has died at the age of 83. He was one of the best dramatists of his generation, credited with being a founding father of the kitchen sink drama. He was also a longtime literary hero of mine, and encouraged me during my early days as a playwright - most memorably outside the stage door of a Brighton pub where my play Casting Shadows was being presented. RIP to this great 'angry young man'.

In other (more cheery) news, my next Radio 4 play 'All Mouth & Trousers' airs on 27th April. Tune in at 2.15pm to find out who Britain's first female sitcom writer was.


April 2016

Sir Arnold Wesker 1932 - 2016
Sir Arnold Wesker 1932 - 2016
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